Login Review: Is Aim7777 legit? Read before Aim7777 login, sign up or app download

Aim7777 is an investment platform that allows members to invest and receive daily returns based on their investment amount. The platform has various investment plans depending on your budget. Each has a corresponding daily returns, varying minimum and maximum investment amounts. In this article, we’ll be writing a honest review about, Aim7777 login, Aim7777 login app, Aim7777 company, Aim7777 review, Aim7777 invitation code free, Aim7777 scam or legit, login, review, legit, scam and more…

What is login all about? is a network marketing community that was created to provide individuals the chance to utilize the internet and make social media, which we use every day, into a tool for learning and earning, such as developing skills and generating passive income.

Aim7777 is just like every other investment platform that offers you daily rewards for using their platform, members earn money daily by performing some specific task like daily login, referring friends and relatives to participate, investing on the platform, and a lot more.

How Does Aim7777. Work? 

This is how you can earn on Aim7777

  • Registration is free
  • Minimum plan: 5,000 naira
  • Maximum plan600,000 naira
  • Minimum daily income: 200 naira
  • Withdrawal is daily
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Below are the investment packages available in investment platform


  • Amount: 3000NGN
  • Cycle: 43Days
  • Profit: 144NGN
  • Total: 6192NGN


  • Amount: 7000NGN
  • Cycle: 44Days
  • Profit: 371NGN
  • Total: 16324NGN


  • Amount: 24000NGN
  • Cycle: 46Days
  • Profit: 1400NGN
  • Total: 64400NGN


  • Amount: 55000NGN
  • Cycle: 48Days
  • Profit: 3190NGN
  • Total: 153120NGN


  • Amount: 130000NGN
  • Cycle: 50Days
  • Profit: 7800NGN
  • Total: 390000NGN


  • Amount: 300000NGN
  • Cycle: 52Days
  • Profit: 18300NGN
  • Total: 951600NGN


  • Amount: 650000NGN
  • Cycle: 58Days
  • Profit: 40950NGN
  • Total: 2211300NGN

The above plans are available on for
members to invest on he’s aff

Aim7777 Register ( sign up or registration)

To create an account on platform, follow the below instructions:

  • Visit the official website signup and click on register
  • Fill in the form correctly and type in your preferred password
  • Finally, click on sign up
  • That’s all for the registration

Aim7777 invitation code


The platform is developed in such a way that you can’t complete your registration without an invitation code. This invitation code just like the name implies, is a unique code given to your by your upline, generated by the platform, that’s the person that referred you to investment platform.

This implies that when you’re registering on the platform, use VoetRz as your invitation code.

Aim7777 login ( login or sign in)

After a successful registration, follow the below instructions to login to your dashboard:

  • Visit the official website login page signin and click on login
  • Fill in your phone number and password
  • Finally, click on login
  • You’ll automatically be logged in to your account dashboard
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Aim7777 Referral/Affiliate Program

The referral program allows participants to earn extra income by inviting your friends to join the platform, you don’t have to wait for your daily reward to earn passively on this platform.

Thiis done by sharing your affiliate link which is also know as referral link in other to earn commission by doing that.

  • Login to your aim7777 account dashboard
  • Click on wallet
  • Tap referral and copy your affiliate link
  • Share your affiliate link and earn commision

Aim7777 login app

The Aim7777 login app is available for download on Google playstore for only android smartphones. Kindly follow the below instructions to download the app

  • Visit Google Playstore
  • Tap the Search bar and type “ login app”
  • The app will be shown
  • Click install

How To Withdraw On Aim7777 (Aim7777 Minimum Withdrawal)

You can withdraw from the Aim7777 anytime and withdrawals are processed within 24hrs. Before you place any withdrawal, ensure you’ve earned a mnimim of NGN500, else your withdrawal will be declined.

  • To access the withdrawal page, login to your dashboard and click on withdrawal
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw then click on withdraw
  • You money will be sent directly to the submitted bank account within 24hrs.

Is Aim7777 Legit? ( legit)


Aim7777 is  Legit  as of the time this article was written since no one has reported it scam. However, we’re yet to see genuine payment proofs. What we’re seeing are influencers trying to promot their affiliate link so we have not yet concluded its legitimacy.

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Is Aim7777 Scam?


Aim7777 is not a scam since no report is found on this platform to say if it is scam but when you have any information about it make use of the comment section below.


My honest advise for you guys is to invest on this platform with the amount you can afford to loose. Secondly, if you’re already a member of platform, kindly share your reviews about this platform.

If you’ve any question on “Aim7777 login, Aim7777 login app, Aim7777 company, Aim7777 review, Aim7777 invitation code free, Aim7777 scam or legit, login, review, legit, scam”, use the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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