Wealthgens.org Login Review : Is Wealthgens Legit? Read this before Login or Sign up | Crashed

Wealthgens.org is an online business that offer Sales and rental of Big industial generators like Mikano, Tiger etc. The platform claims to reward participants for investing in the platform by procuring generators and then rent it out to companies and industries, and thats how they are able to pay users the daily returns. In this article, we’ll be reviewing everything you need to know about Wealthgens org, including Wealthgens.org login, Wealthgens sign up, registration and also give answers to the following questions:

Is Wealthgens.org legit? Is Wealthgens org scam? How to login to Wealthgens.org account dashboard? Wealthgens org registration and more…

What is Wealthgens.org all about?

Wealthgens is a newly launched investment platform that allows Nigerian investors to earn whooping amount of money due to its juicy investment packages and returns. As a Wealthgens org investor, you’ll earn a daily returns of 25% of your investment. So basically if you invest 20,000 naira, you get 5,000 naira daily. Thats indeed profitable.

What’s the minimum investment on Wealthgens.org

The minimum investment is N3000

This implies that you can invest with a minimum of N3000 and go up to N2,000,000, through the varying investment plans, each offering unique daily and total earnings.

How to make Money on Wealthgens.org

Participants can earn on the platform in a variety of ways. Either through the investment plans or through the referral program. You also earn a welcome Bonus of N350 when you make a deposit of N3000 and above.
You can make a withdrawal anytime any day when you’ve reached the minimum Withdrawal threshold of N1000

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Wealthgens.org Investment Plans

Plan 1: N3000
Daily Earnings: N750
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N11,250

Plan 2: N5000
Daily Earnings: N1,250
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N18,750

Plan 3: N7,000
Daily Earnings: N1,750
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N26,250

Plan 4: N10,000
Daily Earnings: N2500
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N37,500

Plan 5: N20,000
Daily Earnings: N5,000
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N75,000

Plan 6: N50,000
Daily Earnings: N12,500
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N187,500

Plan 7: N100,000
Daily Earnings: N25,000
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N375,000

Plan 8: N200,000
Daily Earnings: N50,000
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N750,000


Plan 9: N300,000
Daily Earnings: N75,000
Duration: 15days
Total Earnings: N1,125,000


Wealthgens.org registration (Wealthgens sign up)

To sign up an account on Wealthgens.org, kindly follow the below guide

  • Visit Wealthgens.org register
  • Fill the form by inputting your phone number and password
  • Click on the Wealthgens.org register button

Wealthgens.org Login (Wealthgens login or Sign in)

  • Visit Wealthgens.org login
  • Input your login details (Phone number and password)
  • Finally, Click on Wealthgens Login

After you’ve successfully created an account and you’ve logged in to your account dashboard, click on the “Recharge” button at the top menu to deposit funds to your wallet.
After you have deposited funds to your wallet, you can now start investing to get daily returns.

Wealthgens Review: Is Wealthgens.org Legit?


Wealthgens.org is a Ponzi scheme. The platform has not paid anyone sine it was launched till now. The  platform was launched on the 14th August, 2023.

The website is suspected of being the source of SPAM according to scamdoc.

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Is Wealthgens Scam?


Wealthgens has crashed. The website now redirects to dgentle.com.ng

That’s a red flag, I’ll strongly advice you not to waste your hard earned money on this so called Wealthgens.org because they won’t pay you. They’ve crashed!!!

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